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About Us

Welcome! At Playa Development, we have been developing tourism and recreation in the Kherson region for over 15 years. Our mission is to construct European-level amusement complexes in the Ukrainian seaside resort towns and popularize recreational tourism.

Now we at Playa Development provide the opportunity to purchase apartments and land in our own recreational complexes. We offer great opportunities: from a vacation spot for yourself to a passive income with a profitability of 17% per annum.

Experience in the field of recreation, vision of the potential in the Ukrainian resorts and vast territories of resorts provide the opportunities to us to create investment-attractive holiday complexes.

Why us?

Individual approach

We guarantee an individual approach to each buyer/partner from the choice of an object, the conditions of purchase and to the receipt of dividends

sea within walking distance

All our facilities are in the first line or walking distance to the sea

Developed infrastructure

All our facilities are located in places with developed infrastructure - walking distance to bus stops, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc

Park areas

We pay special attention to the planting of park areas and maintaining a high-quality microclimate

availability of internal infrastructure

At all our facilities, we pay special attention to the development of internal infrastructure, we build swimming pools, free recreation / sports areas, separate places for commerce

Passive income opportunity

By investing in our facilities, you not only protect your money from inflation, but also have the possibility of passive income from 13 to 30% per annum

The presence of a management company

We do not leave you after the purchase, an experienced management company is working at all facilities, which takes care of such issues as cleaning the surrounding area, hiring personnel, maintaining the complex in good condition, etc.

Constant advertising of the object

Our management company is interested in constant advertising of objects in order to ensure income for its clients. If you decide to sell your property, our advertising will speed up the process

Stages of cooperation


Select purchase conditions


Choose your favorite apartment


To become the owner of an apartment by the sea, you just have to make an initial payment

Have you chosen your favorite apartment / land / commercial property?

Then we offer several payment options

Payment options

100% payment

It implies the minimum possible cost per m2, due to a discount, up to 5%, subject to 100% payment.

installment plan

It is provided for a period of 10 months at 0% per annum. Down payment - 30%, the rest of the amount is divided by the term of the installment plan and paid monthly.

Payment in installments

It implies an initial payment of 50%, the rest of the amount you pay at the end of the contract.


We provide the possibility of lending up to three years, at 15% per annum, with an initial payment of 30%.

After signing contracts and depositing funds, regardless of the payment method that you have chosen, the title passes to you.

You become a full-fledged owner and you can call in your apartment, start construction on your site, make repairs on the same day!

Still have questions?

Ask us and we will call you back.

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